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Lilith and the Death GoddessView game page

Lost with no memories... what can you do?
Submitted by ZoR Dev (@zor_dev) — 7 days, 18 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

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    You have to save the world from something. It's alright.


    This game has so much backtracking on huge maps and the enemies are easy. The time the scorpion follows you is dumb -- especially since I just want to proceed through the game, not go back to the very beginning considering I don’t even remember the path back. Just bad design choices all around.


    The levels look like sample maps and quite honestly bland and boring.


    I didn’t feel compelled to try again nor does it illicit emotional response with such a bland intro and bland stage one. There has to be a pull. We’ve seen so many save the world entries and games that I would love some polish and more tight level design please.

    Total – 36/80

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- FeelZoR

RPG Maker VX Ace

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Damn that was hard.. haha
I loved this game! It was a bit short but I really liked how you did the 'tutorial'. I thought it was funny and cool to see Lilith explaining things to the player. The casual way she did it made her win my heart! :)
Another win for me was to be able to pretty much interact with everything in my path! I love exploring the world around me in games so I was really happy to being able to do that, even when the rock was just a rock and that statue was just a statue! haha You could make it more interesting and do some more random responses tho! ;)
My complains now: The monsters in the last dungeon are so hard! I lost count on the number of times I died and I lost all my money buying potions to be able to get to the end.. I think I spent more time healing than attacking really. which was a bit frustrating...! I never seen so many mages escaping my attacks too! lol 
And when we go the 2nd time to the 2nd floor (the place where the scorpion is! yikes!) you didn't give us a save point between the last two battles and then the mobs in the 2nd floor? Or did I miss it somehow? I dunno but... It was a nightmare to me when I died in the 2nd floor. I almost gave up on the game because I had to do that part ALL OVER AGAIN! T^T
And then the witch was kind of easy... apart from her full strength attack she wasn't too bad (I was level 11 by this point tho). XD
Overall: It was a very nice game. A challenge really. But you need to balance the power of the monsters a bit more.
And check that save point maybe? >_< I'm biased when it comes to saving in games (I get seriously panicky when I can't save lol) and that situation when I died in the 2nd floor.. god I wanna forget it XD Anyway....
I would love to see a follow up to this game someday. I really loved Lilith. I would love to join her in more of her adventures! ^^
Good luck  with the contest! :)


Oh, thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

The tutorial was kinda hard to make, because I didn't want to be too "out" of the story, I still wanted people to be carried away by the game and I was scared it would do the exact opposite. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be much of an issue!

Mmh, for the interaction with everything, I'm very much of someone who likes when everything says something. What feels pretty wrong to me is the second map, where all the trees say the same thing. I couldn't figure out how to make them say anything else. Random answers could be a great idea, but I think it'd have been a pain to do during the jam. I finished early, but all the "balancing" took me so much time I couldn't spend more time with that.

Okay, the last dungeon was mainly me enjoying making people suffer. Maybe did I abuse it, though. People seemed to rage quit quite easily, but I didn't want to change it very much, 'cause it was, to me, the most interesting part of the game. Now that I think of it, a month after I made it, yeah, it was probably too hard. And no, you didn't miss the save point, I intendedly put no save point for you to feel very tensed when doing the third boss on the second floor. Why? Because I feel like death must be a pain and must be feared. Randomness makes it quite weird though, sometimes it feels like you cannot win.

I understand this may be pretty hard and frustrating and I apologise for that. But I'm not very good with balancing (you can't imagine how much time I had to spend on the little fairies to make them not kill you all time (and they still kill you sometimes, even if they shouldn't) and I got pretty much satisfied with what I finally got. So I decided to let it that way.

For the Witch, trust me, she can be extremely hard. Or maybe did I nerf her, but I know that I could die with 75% of my maximum health in one attack, just because it stunned me and I could do nothing for 2-3 turns. And hey! Poison! (you can see I love poison, there's poison everywhere in the game).

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and I currently haven't planned to continue that game, but seeing this review makes me think about it more seriously ^-^

By the way, have you got all the knowledge of the game? Because even when knowing the whole game and not dying, I finished it in like... 40-50 minutes? But maybe did you say it was a bit short because it's around an hour long :D

Thank you, and good luck for the contest too, if you entered it! :D


Ah you definitely left me very tense during the last dungeon. >_< lol
Yeah what I meant by short was that it was only 1 hour long really. I think it took me a while longer than that to finish actually.
I just felt like you could do much more with the game. But that's just me being greedy and wanting to see more of Lilith! haha