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Are you ready to swing? Made for Houdini Game Jam 2022
Submitted by Dito Seregin (@terzalo) — 2 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Houdini#63.6544.143
Art & Animation#103.2763.714
Sounds & Music#113.1503.571
Gameplay & Fun Factor#212.1422.429
Use of the Theme#222.1422.429

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Wild swinging - never really got to master, but loved the ragdolls!
  • Couldnt get the hang of it, fun looking concept and hilarious art.

How did you use Houdini to make your game?
We made a "room generator" HDA to be able to quickly create parts from which the level is constructed during gameplay. A room is constructed from two portals using predefined shapes, which are bridged to create room's walls. The game then uses baked information about portals' shapes and positions to properly place rooms in a sequence.

Base model for a character made of detached sculpted blobs is loaded into Houdini, remeshed, UV unwrapped and rigged with KineFX tools.
The model is also textured in Houdini by baking vertex colors from a few object onto the mesh.

Carabiner model!

List everything that was made before the jam. Pre-built, assets, textures, etc
Menu template from previous project

Sounds from
ding.wav by Dr. Macak -- License: Creative Commons 0
OfficeHolePuncher.wav by Tycoh -- License: Creative Commons 0
Foley_TapeMeasure_ClickLock.wav by MrFossy -- License: Creative Commons 0
Arrow-005.wav by kretopi -- License: Creative Commons 0
Menu FX 03 (ascending).wav by Nightflame -- License: Creative Commons 0
Retro_Jump_01.wav by MATRIXXX_ -- License: Creative Commons 0
dingaling by morrisjm -- License: Attribution
beam_sound.wav by opensystem -- License: Creative Commons 0
Metal Clang sound by kermite607 -- License: Creative Commons 0
Metal Clanger Bright 2 by magnuswaker -- License: Creative Commons 0
whips04.wav by snowflakes -- License: Creative Commons 0
Rope - leash - slide - tie - swoosh - movement - handle.wav by ValentinPetiteau -- License: Creative Commons 0
Foley_Leather_Stress_Mono.wav by Nox_Sound -- License: Creative Commons 0
fish slap ground or snow writhing wet.wav by kyles -- License: Creative Commons 0
wind in ears.wav by klankbeeld -- License: Creative Commons 0
Wind4.aif by pushtobreak -- License: Attribution Noncommercial
Air whistle, woosh, pass, high tone.wav by julianmateo -- License: Attribution Noncommercial

Which game engine or platform did you use to make your game?
Unreal Engine 5

Besides Houdini, what other tools did you use to make your game?
Blender for sculpting the character base mesh
Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio
Substance Designer for environment textures

List instructions and tips for playing your game here.
Swing on the ropes and see how far can you go.
There is no goal to reach aside from mastering the movement and going as far as you can as fast as you can.
If you fall down​ or get stuck, restart from the main menu.

Bug notes:
Do not use the hook button (LMB) while you are on a regular rope. It will make you drop down. Only use the hook button in mid-air when in proximity of a hook point.
There are a few nasty bugs with how hooks behave. Among other things, a hook point will falslely visually signify a possible connection if you approach it from above. In actuality, you can only connect to it if you are lower than it is!

WASD - Swing, steer
Mouse - Look around
Space - Jump (double jump in mid-air)
LMB - Hook (for big carabiners with orange circles appearing around them. Hold to connect, release to let go)

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I made a little trailer for it showing how movement works: