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Student Copies of Softwares

A topic by victorwei92 created Aug 13, 2020 Views: 102 Replies: 4
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Hi There! I weren't able to find the exact answer to this question. Are we allowed to use student versions of softwares, Houdini & Substance or would it be better to request trial versions? (I am using my own computer) - deleted and re-posted here from discord. 


Student versions of software are permitted as long as you have the necessary permissions from your school to use the software. Also, note the line in the game jam rules that says "All content must be the property of the submitter. If you are running Houdini on an employer or school computer make sure that this does not compromise your ownership rights."


Understood, thank you!


Sidefx is giving away 2 months licenses for this game of Houdini Indie, so you can claim the license for the time being and use it. Also, I encourage you to learn houdini CHOPs to generate your own procedural textures or use quixel mixer.

Thanks! I requested them just in case, was about to call you franky haha. I'll definitely check out how Houdini CHOPs works. Appreciate your advice!