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Obstacles of TimeView game page

The evolution of humankind is in your hands
Submitted by Cardinal65 — 8 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
This game is a clicker with a very simple goal of evolving in order to save humanity. I must also admit, I was unable to export my game to macosx, after trying many solutions and none of them seeming to work. I will include my source so that hopefully, anyone using mac can figure out the problem.

There are a few ways to click the buttons: click with a mouse, press spacebar, press enter. If you decide to use spacebar or enter, you must first click the button you want to press repeatedly with your mouse, then you may click spacebar or enter to mine the points.

Godot version

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.pck file is missing for Linux


Try it now.

the game does not start.


Are there any error codes in the output window?

No, only a black window


there is probably a problem with the video player. If you wait for about 20-30 seconds, a button may appear in the middle of the screen. If not, then dont worry about it. 

im using app


Sadly, the first thing that happens when I try to run your game (on Windows) is that the terminal outputs this error After that, it's just black. :(


I fixed the issue, it should work now


Sadly it still doesn't seem to work! The music is playing on repeat with a black background like last time. I'm including a picture of the whole setup.


Okay, sorry to ask this, but could you please try one more time? I changed some things again, so it might work. If it doesn't, then just wait for the music to play through, and after a while you will see a button appear in the middle of the screen. The problem is that there is a video file meant to play, but it just isn't finding the file, but the button should still show up


It works now! While I'm not a big fan if clicker games, I can see their appeal. It seems you have the groundwork done for something addictive here, perhaps some sound effects, and more art would be good. I found the monolith on the moon and after that my game was over, can't really say it has a lot to do with "evolution" though. Happy it works!


Thanks for your feedback! The themes of the game are very loosely based on the themes presented in the classic film "2001: A Space Odyssey", which is a movie based entirely around evolution. The references to the movie were only there because they humored me, like the intro music and the monolith at the end. I will definitely try adding some more art and sound effects, and maybe tightening up the "storyline" to a more cohesive plot.