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GMTKJam Entry - Dual Purpose Design
Submitted by abhishan

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How does your submission match the theme?
PLEASE please play in Google CHROME for the best experience. !Music doesn't play in IE!
Download CHROME:

Eyorot is a a space based exploration, action game. Control Eyorot, the biomechanical ship that is searching for an escape. Explore the expanse, collect power and escape after you destroy the asteroid.

Cursor UP - Accelerate
Cursor DN - Decelerate
Cursor LT - Turn Left
Cursor RT - Turn Right
Space - Toggle Shield
Press and Hold CTRL (Only when Shield is down)- Arm Primary Weapon to Fire

------------ How your submission matches the theme

- When shields are down...
> You can see farther out in space
> Observe enemies and their weapon range
> You can scan and find Power cells which are otherwise invisible
> Eyorot's eye is exposed, making the ship more vulnerable to attacks
> Your speed is reduced

- When Shields are up....
> You can travel much faster
> Shield protects you and reduces damage
> You can use your shield to attack smaller enemies as a ramming weapon
> Eyorot's eye is covered, so it can't scan for power, can't see far and can't see enemy weapon range

- Power is your only resource.
> You spend it in each face off with enemies
> You use power to arm your primary weapon

Third-party resources
Gamedev tool - Construct2
Credits to resources used are provided in game.

Art assets - Purchased & royalty free
Audio assets - Purchased and few from opengameart as CC BY attribution. Attributed in game screen.


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The game looks interesting on the outside, but I don't really get it. It takes so long to charge a shot that going into combat seems like suicide.

Although it fits the theme alright, it feels a bit forced: I don't necessarily see how splitting mechanics into 2 modes adds anything to the game, it almost feels like something is missing.

Graphics are pretty good for a weekend project.


Hi Tsun, thanks for playing and for the feedback!!

The idea behind the split is that one can choose a style of gameplay as your primary style and use the other one as the secondary style. The two modes compliment each other as there are strengths and weaknesses in both.

For example, you don't need to use your primary weapon in fast paced combat. Shields up and then you can just ram into enemies and do damage to them. The primary weapon can be charged to annihilate enemy bases from far.

I still need to put in a lot of work into balancing of the gameplay, add few more fun features.... Hopefully soon!