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A jam entry

ThrustWorthyView game page »

Navigate through a level using your jetpack!
Submitted by Maslyonok with 13 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline

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Best to read after trying the game:

The jetpack boosts you up, but the flames from it also burn enemies. The red barrels recharge your fuel, but also explode when you touch them with flames.

Third-party resources
GameMaker Studio 1.4
Editor from bfxr.net
A few sounds from freesound.org

Alexandru Vasilachi

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There are some games here that benefit from a "figure out the mechanics yourself" mentality. Your's is not one of them. I pressed every key until I found that R resets the level which brings me to... Reset the level on death unless there is something to do or watch after death. If my explosive death set off a chair reaction, that might be worth watching. As it is, there is nothing to do after death but restart so you should do it automatically.

You made the same mistake I did and made the game for your level of skill and not a first time player's. The game would be easier and feel more fair if the player character was smaller and the thorny plant's collision boxes were more self evident. As it is, the game just isn't fun. It's trial and error. I died at least once on every obstacle, so your game was not about learning the mechanics as much as it was memorizing how to get through each part.

I will admit, your title is rather clever and this is far better than most of the games I made in GameMaker.