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Submitted by Big Roy — 1 day, 15 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
I believe this fits with the theme given because the moving mechanic is tied to the shooting. You can't move without shooting, and you can't shoot without moving. I wish I could've put more effort into making every element have as many practical uses as it could, but again I was just tight on time. Let me give you the rundown on what's already there:

Shooting/moving: Shooting not only provides a defense against the alien frogs, but it gets you around the map quickly. You might eventually find yourself between a rock and a hard place though, and you'll have to use your wits of the mechanics in order to survive.

Enemy frogs: The frogs are pretty simple: They'll hop towards you if you get close enough, and if they touch you you'll lose health. However, you begin the game with no health, and the only way to gain life is by killing these enemy frogs. In addition to provoking health management, these guys can also set your course and change your plan in the level.

Pits: These bottomless pits are even more deadly than the frogs. If you fall down, you die. You can however clear the gap using your charge shot. But be careful, because if you overshoot it, you might just fall right into another pit. Aside from being terrain hazards, the pits also provide a barrier against the frogs. They could provide a moment for you to catch your breath in the chaos, and the next second they could be your demise.

Third-party resources
The game was using Game Maker Studio Pro (, as was the art, aside from the Title and end cards, which were made using GIMP (, and all of it was drawn with a mouse. All the sound effects were made using BFXR (

Just me, Trent Baker, the developer, the artist, the composer, the tester, and the sandwich maker.

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