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Based on the story of the Koi Fish and the Dragon. Guide your Koi through its journey to become a Dragon.
Submitted by Ka2851 (@KelvinAveyArt), AaronSait, andreamaestri, EvilMog99 — 1 minute, 3 seconds before the deadline
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I couldn't get passed the part where I had to enter my name. I somehow pressed escape and wound up controlling the larger fish! Either way, I loved the use of music and premise your team developed. The art was also wonderful. Well done in making this in one week!


Hey thanks! So nice to see these lovely comments :) We did put a lot of work in the art, but as a team we didn't know how to use source control into his project so we did kinda mess up a bit, we're working on a post-jam version either way so hopefully in few weeks time you'll see how the game was meant to be!


I was just also about to comment about getting stuck after trying to enter my name but I saw your reply to a similar comment and I hope you manage to fix it, the art is amazing and the premise sounds interesting :) 


Hey Lucyayling, thanks for checking the game out, We are  all sorry that people are getting this bug we all really wanted to show people what we had made, we have found a work around a work around to continue without the player character and see the rest of the world where if you press esc to pause the game and then click resume the game will carry on, although this isnt the true spirit of what we made it will make it possible to see the game world if you are interested


Hi I did the work around like you suggested and I really liked the art and the sound design was cool and fit the game well. The art style is unique and fits well with the story you are trying to tell. I look forward to playing it again once you have fixed it after the jam.


Thanks for taking another look and we are glad that you liked what you saw, we are taking a look and sorting the bugs out to release after the jam ends and if you have a chance to take a look (we understand if you dont) we would love to here what you think of the final product

Submitted (3 edits)

After i typed my name i have pressed enter and nothing have happened. I tried other buttons, going back to menu and resume, then input field disappears but i still can't do anything. Nice visuals tho but i can't taste the game


Hey Nazandr, thanks for checking out the game, yeah we had some problems at the last minute with GitLab which undid a lot of work that we had to redo at the last minute, sorry that you had this issue we are looking to fix it after the game jam is finished


Ow, that's sad. So is there not workaround for this now?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah tell me about it, so your workaround idea sounded interesting, I have had another look at the game and if you want to see the rest of the level we made a pause menu when you press esc, if you do that and click resume it will continue to pan the rest of the game world, although this isnt the spirit of the game and it wont be as fun this is a way to look at what we made


I've done it already, yeah. I wanted to try moving around, sad i cannot achieve this


its very unfortunate, it was working fine in the editor but we are going through the bugs and fixing them for a release after the jam ends, if you want to take a look after the jam ends then we would love to hear your feedback (but we definitely understand if you dont)