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A browser game made in HTML5.
Mizardry published a game 2 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows and macOS.
Hi! I'm Miguel, and i dedicate this game to my best friend; One of the things that we used to do in the past, was cooking a lot of desserts, we learnt together how to bake cookies, brownies, and all kinds of OMNOMNOM tasty and sweet stuff...
Bob Morate published a Interactive letter 2 years ago
A downloadable Interactive letter for Windows.
An entry made in 72h for Gift Jam. GameMaker Studio 2 was used for this project. In-game texts are only in Spanish, but there is a txt file inside the Zip translating them in case anybody is interested. Based on a true story. --How to play...
AleixKidd published a game 2 years ago
A downloadable game.
Gift Jam Date : 13/01/2017 Format: Game Jam Time : 1 h. 25 min. Theme : "Make Games for the Ones you Love" Tecnology : Google Sheets Game : Link Players : 2 Tutorial <Create a Copy> Choose RGB of Colors ( Player...
pressxtoskip published a game 2 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
A prototype of a mini-game designed to help explain how the immune system spots and targets cells that have gone bad. Rogue cells are identified by a five-letter sequence, and your job is to spot them and kill them before the time runs out.