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MawkishTurtle published a game 4 years ago
A downloadable game.
Jam Game use arrows to avoid stars
Xormak published a game 4 years ago
A downloadable game for Windows and Linux.
run through an asteroid field to reach stars... yea :D
Kthulhu1947 published a project 4 years ago
A downloadable project for Windows and macOS.
It's an animation that I've done for the Game Creators' game jam #1. I've already worked on a particle movement stuff, but I wasn't able to do this. So I'm kind of happy with my work. Each time you run the animation, the central big star wi...
NuclearGaming published a game 4 years ago
A browser game made in HTML5.
When you were a kid, you always dreamed of being among the stars. Now, you finally have the chance. But then everything goes wrong and it becomes a race against time. Will you escape? Or will the supernova vaporise you? Made in Twine for th...