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Phantom PassageView game page

A ghost trying to find the passages of her diary to reclaim her memories.
Submitted by rhyslove — 6 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
We wanted to stretch the meaning of passage and create as many different passages as possible by stretching the definition, and we ended up with a charming platformer that tells the tale of a phantom.

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So, to me this game feels a bit of a mixed bag.

On one hand, you have a lot of good stuff:
- lots of good mechanics which work very well together (standard 2D platforming, dimension switching, floating chasing enemies affected by the switching, etc.), and seem overall robust in the way they are built
- level based progression, with narrative to keep player hooked
- a good and consistent art style

On the other hand, the design seems all over the place:
- the choice of providing no default gamepad support is very odd for a platforming game
- the difficulty ramps up very quickly, the lack of checkpoints mixed with the amount of "moments" or "platforming challenges" you encounter in each level can make it quite frustrating in my opinion
- the game camera also creates issues with that, as it feels way too close to the character compared to the level layout, most often you cannot see what is ahead of you, meaning you will  be more likely to fail a given part of the level, unless you played already through it and died to know that to expect

To summarise, I do believe that this game is very strong when it comes to visuals and amount of content, however I feel it suffers from a few flaws in some design choices that were made.


Ok so what you have is a good idea, but there are some isues. The hitboxes of the terrain aren't correct every  time (get stuck under ground, glitch through blocks), It's also a bit annoying that you have to start over when you die, I'd reccomend having (some of) the files set a checkpoint. Last, the game loaded slow in browser but I'm uncertain whether that can really be blamed on game design.

It really is a good game, especially when you think about the time you had to make it. It's fun to play, but it does need some work.


I also worked on this.

I made this