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ReginaHart rated a adventure 5 days ago
A downloadable adventure.

I am currently running an Electric Bastionland campaign based in The Clay Shelf, and I want to thank Yochai and Roque for creating and sharing an epic setting/adventure.  The Clay Shelf requires a fair bit of "fleshing out" to run, but that is a feature, not a bug.  The content is fantastically creative and inspiring, so it is an enjoyable challenge to make the story your own.  

The Clay Shelf mashes incredibly well with other legendary adventures/sources.  With some adjustments to the map, I've tied in Deep Carbon Observatory (the Presa Dam was asking for it; Mill River is flooded, and Black Spot is haunted in more ways than one).  I've added a dash of Deadlands Showdown at Sundown (Boff has been influenced by a certain Spirit Deck).  Itras By lends some ideas for Indigo.  Etc. etc. etc.

Within these sixteen pages, you'll find enough material to run a campaign that could last for ages.  All of the ingredients are there for you to cook up a rich setting of interconnected adventure elements that provide opportunities for mystery-solving, exploration, city-crawling, NPC interaction, dungeon delving, and more.

Highly recommended!

A downloadable game.
patrickoduffy rated a Bastionland Borough 46 days ago
A downloadable Bastionland Borough.
xiombarg rated a game 75 days ago
A downloadable game.
A downloadable mod.
A downloadable game.
A downloadable game.
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Azaule rated a game 192 days ago
A downloadable game.
A downloadable game.
leoscuro rated a character sheet 249 days ago
Operant Game Lab rated a adventure 254 days ago
A downloadable adventure.
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