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Submission stream will be at 6PM EST, July 31st 


It's jam time! 

The theme for Curdle Jam #27 is:


!!Optional Theme Challenge!!
Make a game without bottles or necks

Curdle Jam happens at the end of each month, so stick around!


Jammers of any skill level are welcome to participate.

This jam is not ranked, think of it less like a competition and more like a community showcase.

Forming teams is encouraged, but you can fly solo if you want.

Use the Discord server to form teams and chat with other jammers. 

Using pre-made assets is fine as long as you credit the source and have permission to use them.


There will be a submission stream on twitch at the end of the jam where your game will be showcased! Details on that will be posted in the discord near submission time. (Only web builds are played on stream)


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- Ensure that each member has joined the jam from their account via this jam page 

- Fill the submission forms completely and accurately

- You will be required to explain how your game fits the theme during submission forms


- Upload a web build. Whatever engine you use is fine as long it is playable on a web browser.

- Be sure to link the other developers to the submission as well.

 - Only web builds will be played on stream


 - Don't submit previously made games. You're welcome to join the jam discord while working on your own projects, but submissions to this jam are only for games made within the jam period 

 - Please keep your games SFW, violence and mild swearing are fine, just no hateful content or overly sexual content (that means no nudity, no racism, etc.)

- Absolutely no flashing lights and colors, no extremely loud noise spikes

- No highly contentious political topics, no nationalist or culturally divisive themes, or any content that can harm others or ruin the vibe of the jam stream.

- If your game breaks any of these rules, the moderators will remove your game from the submissions and it will not be played on stream. Depending on the nature of the offense, you may also be banned from the community as well.


Q: How do you decide the theme?

A: I created a long list of potential themes and decide which one to use right before the jam starts. 


 Q: Do you participate in the game jam as well? 

 A: Yes.


 Q: Do you have any recommendations for beginners? 

 A: I have many, but I'll narrow it down to these three. See the jam through to the end even if it doesn't go well. Make something, and submit it, no matter what it is. The commitment to submission is important, and it teaches you a lot. Give yourself a small, achievable, scope. Make something very simple with only a few mechanics. It is a better and more rewarding experience to have a tiny demo that feels complete, than to have an over-ambitious, incomplete mess. This last one is very important: If you join a team, be honest about your level of experience. I've seen people miss this one far too often and it results every time in teammates that are bitter about being lied to. My community is friendly to beginners, so you have no reason to lie. Be transparent, and let those more experienced than you help you improve from where you are. 



Q: Can I submit my game to multiple jams? 

 A: No. If I notice a game was submitted to another jam, I will remove the submission. However, what you do with your game after I review it on stream is entirely up to you. 

 _______  Q: Do I need to submit a web build to participate? A: If you want your game to be played on the submission stream, it needs to be a web build. In addition to that, far more jam participants and players will play your game if it is a web build. You are welcome to submit a different type of build if none of that matters to you.


Q: Will you be developing the entire game on your stream? 

 A: Depends on my role in the jam. I find it very distracting to program on stream, so you'll typically only see 3D art, Animation, Level Design, that kind of thing.



Q: Am I expected to use the entire duration of the jam to make my game? 

 A: Nope. Just figure out how much time you have within the jam period, and scope for that. 


Q: Why did you start Curdle Jam and why do you do it every month? 

 A: I love game jams and wanted my own community of friends to make games with! It keeps you sharp, and it is also a nice break from the routine. Also, it is just so much fun. I love seeing what everyone creates.



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Stop the traffic and collect coins!
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A fast-paced crafting game where you are the bottleneck!
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A reverse dungeon crawler
Made in 8 hours for Curdle Jam 27
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Prevent further traffic jam with a bulldozer.
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A Dolphin trained by the EPA collects bottles to prevent water pollution
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Merge Bacteria and destroy cells.
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Corporate does not tolerate death
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