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It's jam time!

The theme for this jam is:



Looking forward to all your submissions!
Good luck, and have fun!

We'll be doing game jams every month, so join the discord server and stick around :)


Beginners are 100% welcome for this jam.

Forming teams is encouraged, but you can fly solo if you want.

Use the Discord server to form teams and chat with other jammers.

Using free assets is allowed for this jam, just make sure you credit your sources



Check out the awesome submissions to Curdle Jam #1 over here!

We'll be doing game jams every month, so join the discord server and stick around :)


Submission Details:

- Ensure that each member has joined the jam from their account via this jam page 
- Make sure you add the game project to one of your accounts before trying to submit it to the jam 
- Enter your team name into the submission field (provided on submission page) 
- Enter your team members names, their roles, and their account URL (provided on submission page). 
- Be sure to link the other developers to the submission as well.
- Upload a playable build, zipped (unless you're making a browser game). Whatever engine you use is fine as long its playable on Windows.
 - Don't submit previously made games. You're welcome to join the jam discord while working on your own projects, but submissions to this jam are only for games made within the jam period 
- If you're having trouble with submitting, ask the chat on discord
- If you miss the deadline by less than an hour, message me on discord and ill get your submission in


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Help a fat cat get some exercise!
Run an Abandoned Brewery in a SteamPunk Universe!
Unfinished dating game
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Swing that dangler
You have the power of destruction magic and that pesky victory flag is running away.
Get toilet paper and come back home. Keep away from people.
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