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PowerGrid KnockoutView game page

Submitted by WanderingBlobStudios — 5 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Team Members

Other Assets Used
all aseets made by HacksAndSlash

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Theme Usage
The Theme was Off The Grid So You disconnect power by smashing into buildings

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I really love the idea of crashing into a house I mean who doesn't right?

But there few things you could change:

+ The title, like the sprite the picture is quite small it leaves too much white space (it not really a problem tho). The text for "how to play" and "about" are small and hard to read, you can move it down to the whole space at the bottom and make it bigger (or just make a new menu or window. I don't know what to describe it).

+  When play, the movement is normal but the way the camera with the mouse plus the very bright light in the middle gonna make the player very dizzy and might puke too (glad I'm not). So the camera should be fixed and the light like you don't even need it or maybe make it less bright.

I know you make a game with not that much time and I just point out the obvious point.

But, overall fun game, text lil small. Keep it up 😁👍