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A jam submission

Qurly StonesView game page

Submitted by freemco (@freemco), JamminmanZ — 5 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Qurly Stones's page

Team Members
freem - Programming, Artwork -
JazzmanZ - Artwork -
PressStart - Artwork -

Other Assets Used
"ceramic clay pot lid hits.flac" by kyles (piece falling off table sound)

"Clank from clay pots mix.wav" by Ironlink15 (piece on piece collision sound)

"Opening the sarcophagus" by Breviceps (piece sliding sound)

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Theme Usage
All of the valid scoring events require your pieces to be Off the Grid (lines).

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Love the sound effect especially when the "ball thing?" colliding with each other or fall down the pit  sound very satisfying

You should have the "how to play" menu for the dumb guys like me😅

When the "ball thing" hit another want it feels not that strong like it pushes hardly go anywhere but when it hit a second time it really feels strong like instantly fall down the pit (lil bit too exaggerated:Đ)

I know you make the game with not that much time and I just point out some obvious things

But the game is very interesting, cool art style, awesome sound effects. Keep it up Freem 😁👍


Libraries Used – baton by tesselode; tick by bjornbytes; cpml by excessive moé (and contributors); HC by vrld