Submissions open from 2019-10-25 12:30:00 to 2019-10-28 08:30:00
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We return with this year's India Game Developer Conference with yet another BYOG. This time it will start on the 25th of October and conclude on the 28th. This will  be the 14th edition of the the BYOG jam since it started back in 2010.

What is a BYOG?

BYOG (Build Your Own Game) is an annual game jam, where game developers all over the country come together to make a game within 48 hours over a combination of themes. Started in 2010, BYOGs are one of the oldest game jams organised every year in the Asian continent and have a rich history of identifying and encouraging game development talent from the country. Past winners have gone on to win multiple international awards, launch successful game development companies, and make amazing games and careers.

When & Where

Here! online on!

  • 25th - 28th - BYOG
  • 28th - 11th Nov - Jury Voting
  • Winners announced at the IGDC Awards

Why Participate?

There are a number of reasons why you should participate in the BYOG:

  • Create a working prototype (proof of concept) of your game in a focused sprint, in limited time
  • Get judged by an awesome jury and get real constructive feedback
  • Push your game development skills and level up
  • Team up with other awesome developers
  • Showcase your skills

The Themes are!

As always we have more than one theme! You are free to use one or many  in whatever combinations and interpretations you prefer. Be sure to mention the themes that you are using in your game in the description. Themes are coming soon.

Judging Criteria

  • Overall Experience - How was the overall experience of the game?
  • Relevance to Theme- How relevant was the theme of the game?
  • Gameplay - How engaging/fun was the gameplay? Was it interesting, meaningful etc? 
  • Innovation - Did the game do something new that you may have not seen before?
  • Aesthetics - How aesthetically pleasing was the experience - narrative, visual, audio etc?

Team Up!

Come over to the community page to find jammers who would want to team up!