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Sorry for the boss fight
Submitted by ezeltheSlime — 23 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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I accidentally uploaded the wrong file the first time


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Only used the colors black (#000000) and white (#FFFFFF)



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Submitted (1 edit)

Nice game. Especially it being for the first game. I do have a few things of note:

  • Would recommend adding some sort of  instructions into the game when you start. I personally very briefly went through the description and then had to figure out the rest of the controls while playing.
  • The player felt a bit slippery. It was hard to land him on a piece precisely after jumping since it felt like the momentum just kept carrying you forward after landing. And in the air it felt like getting a hard push. If that's what you were aiming for the great. But as a person playing first time it can get a bit frustrating when you keep sliding off.
  • As for the controls of the game. You could try and include arrow keys as a way to move the player to give people an option. And having to use shift, spacebar and a/d keys when carrying out some of the more complex jumps felt a bit awkward.
  • Did find that on the second level if you jumped across to the left and changed colours you would be trapped in a world of white (this was funny and even though might be unintentional I think it's almost like an easter egg).

Thank you!

  • The reason the player feels so slippery is because i moved him by adding force to the rigidbody, and the friction on the floors and colliders isnt very high, this was not technically intentional, i was just lazy.
  • I intended to have arrow keys as an option, just forgot to add them
  • The thing on the second level was not intentional, but if it's what i think it is, there isnt really a good way to fix it without reprogramming the whole game, or maybe redesigning the level lol.