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so excited + Music advice?

A topic by One Dove Above created Jan 25, 2018 Views: 264 Replies: 6
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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to participate in the game jam, I love pink games! I’ve never actually completed a game before so I’m looking forward to making a short one that I can finish. (It’ll be a Renpy game)

I was wondering y’all already know if you’re going ro include any music of any sorts, because that part really stumps me as a musically inept person haha. I am going to try to make something simple in Garageband, but I don’t like how limited the instrument selection is, and I’m bad at composing. What do you guys like to do with music, make your own or get it from somewhere else? If you make it, how do you usually start to create a song? 

Looking forward to seeing what other people come up with for this game jam! n__n



w your permission i can share this to my twitter!

sure, if you want to! I don’t have a twitter personally oops

Hey i'm a musician/composer looking for a game to provide music for, would you like to team up for the jam? Forgive me though, i'm new to this. 

Here's a link to my soundcloud, if you would like to see my work:

Oh wow, sure!! I'm new to this too so its ok. I like your music! I particularly like Long Days/Pleasant Nights, Summer Donna, and Town. :) Just as a heads up, the kind of game I'm thinking of making is going to be a game about the anime characters that elementary school girls come up with. So all in all, it'll be a very lighthearted, kooky, magical pink game. If that interests you, I'd just love to have some of your music in the game. (plus it would save me some time to focus on the art hehe) ((But if for some reason you changed your mind that's okay  just let me know))

Thanks for reaching out to me!

No i haven't changed my mind yet lol your game idea sounds fun, i'm willing to try and make some music for it. Did you have any art completed yet that you could share? or was there a particular sound you were looking for? Or video game your inspired by? You can email me at

Hype Hype. So excited. Much hype.