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Use your magnetic powers to create positive sentences on a refrigerator!
Submitted by CIvan, NicholasPerell, Olli Machina, Donovan Garcia-Buckler (@GarciaBuckler), nebulis — 59 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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Jam Judge(+2)

1. Enjoyed: I love how adorable the graphics are (also Magni is an AMAZING name).  The music that loops in the background is nice and lighthearted which fits the theme the game seems to be going with. Also enjoyed the overall message of positivity. 

2. Improvement: The controls are a bit funky at times and I think some times the magnetism would be reversed depending on how close to a word I was when activating either repel or attract. I also wish that when a sentence disappeared, it would 'nuke' words within a certain distance from the sentence because I would often have a sentence complete and then a word drop into the next sentence almost immediately (normally making a negative sentence) and negate the points I had just earned.

I would rate this one as most fitting for the category 'Attractive' as it is very appealing to look at it and seems pretty easy to pick up and play for a short amount of time whenever it works for the player.

Jam Judge(+2)

1. Enjoyed: Very cute and lightweight game to play on a browser that can be accessed by most devices. Love the positive messaging that come with the game about spreading positivity. 

2. Improvement: Add some background music to help liven up the mood. The controls are a bit difficult to drag the words to the line at times. 

This game would have been my choice for being more Attractive. The bright colors really bring in that aesthetic well.