Submissions open from 2020-06-18 22:00:00 to 2020-06-20 22:00:00
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Hello there! Welcome to the Summer Game Jam for the Class of 2022. In order to participate in this event, you need to have a team of 4 - 6 developers. 

The Game Jam will run June 18th 6:00 pm EST- June 20th 6:00 pm EST with presentations to follow on June 22nd time TBD. The deadline to register for this event is June 5th 11:59 pm EST.

Once you have your team, please select a representative to fill out this form! Make sure you are logged into your Champlain email for it to work. If you have any questions, please contact the game jam organizers.

Donovan Garcia-Buckler (
Alex Barnett (

Here is a FAQ Sheet as well in case you have any question!