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Scanning your controllers Sticky

A topic by FREEZX created Sep 28, 2015 Views: 294 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone who participated on the Alt Ctrl Game Jam!

We are cooperating with sketchfab to make the jam more fun and provide controller samples for jammers next year by making a special tag for the jam.

If you are able, make a 3d scan your cool controller and put it on sketchfab under the altctrlgamejam tag. There's a free smartphone app that can do this called 123D Catch.



I attempted to do this with varying results. Do I need like a green screen to make it work or something? I mean, it's a cube, it should be that hard, right?


if it picks up some of the background, that's normal and expected. On some devices i tried the gyroscope orientation wasn't detected properly. The IOS app appears to work best.