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Cosmic Castaway (Space Jam)View game page

Repair your ship and go back home!
Submitted by SquareDev (@squareanon), iaxx, some-pixel-dev, fridget — 2 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline

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  • The spacegirl is a cutie but her proportions are weird in game. Bunny girl proportions would suit her better maybe.
  • I like the visual style and color pallet.
  • Its a little hard to navigate without landmarks for each path.
  • Need a better way to aim the gun. Something like the original resident evil game aiming might work well unless you want to add a lot of vertical bits to the game.
  • I think for short music loops like this you need to go more monotone (chords mostly emphasize I) or non-tonal (percussion only etc).
  • >EnemyMovement1.cs
  • Great art. Each asset feel like it's made with love.
  • Atmosphere is really cool. The world is intriguing, everything in it just make you want to see more. It's a very solid basis for an exploration game.
  • The camera isn't the best, not dynamic enough. This could improve a lot the presentation of the game.
  • The level design is uninspired. After a few minutes, the game doesn't feel like exploration anymore because you can easily guess the level layout, and nothing ever surprises you apart from different lifeforms here and there. Using verticality, different biomes for the lifeforms (even if it's just color swap) and more hidden paths could've prevented this.
  • The music is a bit repetitive
  • Flat character