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The Jolly Incorporated Super Unfinished Demo ExperienceView game page

Submitted by 51Pegasi Studios — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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uploaded a new version with wasd controls


The game has potential.

As others have mentioned, the camera is a bit intrusive at times. Why can't I hold RMB to pan and press LMB to move at the same time? 

As Donp said, 

"There's something satisfying about watching a bunch of candy-gnomes do jumping jacks in front of a giant taffy pile until it explodes. This seems like a promising base of a game once more objectives and mechanics are added."

He's absolutely right. I'm eager to see where this goes. You can take the pikmen thing, slap a unique and cute art style and motif over it (like you're doing), add some interesting unexplored directions, and you could have a great game. 

Just keep refining quality of life and user friendly control schemes! 


thanks for the encouragement
the camera is a bit wack atm. i plan to fix the controls to be more user friendly (camera wise).

i want a good pc port as well as a mobile port so thats why the controls seem odd.
im gonna add camera rotations for wasd and arrow keys and see how well that works.


I thought the controls were alright for the most part, but I've never played any game of this genre, so I don't know what's considered standard for selecting/controlling units.

  • It was hard for me to move and pan camera simultaneously. Maybe let me use wasd for one or the other or make move centering controller to something other than right mouse + left mouse?
  • When mining, I frequently had candy spawn and move onto higher elevation that I couldn't reach like the slope against a cliff.
  • The first time I clicked on the event that let me spawn 3 units, my character walked up to the event and the menu ui popped up. The player character then walked slightly more and wedged his nose in the crack between th event and the wall behind it and the menu kept flashing on and off repeatedly.

There's something satisfying about watching a bunch of candy-gnomes do jumping jacks in front of a giant taffy pile until it explodes. This seems like a promising base of a game once more objectives and mechanics are added.


thank you for the kind words

the problems you mention i've experienced many times myself, especially the one where the loot gets stuck. they're just weird quirks but will definitely be fixed.

i'm considering adding camera orbit controls to WASD as well as the arrow keys. it might be a weird control scheme but i won't know til i fully test it lol


Sorry, couldn't really figure out what to do. I think entered a cave but then I got stuck in there and couldnt leave again.

Developer (1 edit)

theres no tutorials or help so youre kinda left to figure things out in this demo. 

i want to add a tutorial but theres still a few things i want to get working.

i uploaded a new build with the cave issue fixed 

(1 edit) (+1)

Alright so

  • I was confused what to do until I accidentally ran through that rock wall and ended up in a level
  • After mining I have to collect my minions again, why don´t they return automatically?
  • After mining I have to collect the loot by clicking on it. I think it would be neat if my minions just went and picked it up and brought it to me. Not to mention I don´t have to walk there to collect it, I just have to plop the circle on it and it´s collected immideatly rather than when the leader walks over.
  • Controls are somewhat odd but I think one could get used to them

this is the second comment talking about the ingredient rocks. i can change that to where the players have to actually run up and grab them rather than the cursor.

the workers do get some loot themselves by just eating the candy, but i made it so that pieces explode out to keep the player busy while the workers are doing their thing. its kind of designed as a way to keep the player from being idle for too long (short attention span bois)

I see, I think that´s fine then but yeah, make it so the leader has to actually walk there or at least add some collect animation when you click it. Right now it just vanishes.


Time to play candy gaem

- To say these controls are strange are putting it lightly.

- I went to nearby candy thing and I have no idea what to do.

- Found the hut with the bois.

- The method of getting your bois into the party doesn't feel too great.

- Having to manually collect Taffy as the leader instead of my bois collecting it doesn't feel great.

- I don't understand why I can't move leader with WASD. Is this meant to be a mobile game? Game feel for desktop is not too hot my friend.

- Went into the cave and my bois are gone. What happened?

- I can't seem to leave the cave and I have no bois. Am I softlocked?

Had to stop there as I couldn't figure out what to do at that point. The only way I can accept those controls being acceptable is if it's a mobile game, and even then that has some problems... I would recommend playing Pikmin Wii if you can! You can do similar controls and it'd feel pretty great. Good progress my friend, looking forward to seeing more!

Developer (2 edits)

its meant to be controlled with the mouse as primary. mobile controls were the first thought but i figured mouse controls would suffice

i can make wasd control the camera but i want to keep movement and actions to the mouse.

make sure your characters are always in your party when entering exiting stages or they will get lost. they have to rejoined into your party every time you enter a new stage

i can make it so that only the workers can collect the dropped ingredients, but the original intention was to give the player something to do  while the workers are doing their thing. 

i appreciate the feedback and ill try to make the controls a bit more comfortable for fast paced movement


My bois were with me when I went into the cave, they were all there and I waited for them to catch up but they still were missing. I couldn't find a way out of the cave either. I tried to go back the way I came and the guy won't move into the door.


weird i think some mistake was made. I do see the weird collision with the door where it won't let you move into it. i can get that fixed. 

be sure to record gameplay next time so i can see the sequence of events of what caused your issues lol


I'm too lazy to record or stream tbh. :)


candy candy i screwed up the readme and didnt put my twitter link so here it is


I was confused at first. I thought I was supposed to go to your twitter TO get the readme, and was like "Where is it?"


lol nah i meant to put the link inside the readme