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A jam submission

[DD19] The Cavern DemoView game page

Demo Day 19 Release [DEMO]
Submitted by Snow — 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline

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[DD19] The Cavern Demo's page

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  • Mouse cursor is visible in fullscreen.
  • Blue cubes clip through walls, and the physics sent one of them flying out of the level when I picked up another one
  • There's one wall in the first cavern where the copy paste level design is obvious.
  • Lava hitboxes are unclear, and give you no time to react to being on fire. I died 2-3 times in a hallway cause I didn't see a tiny crack in the ground.    
  • You can carry two cubes at once.
  • Jump clips against the ceiling then slides along the ceiling.
  • Binding Alt to drop is bad for demo day versions at least bc people alt-tab away to write feedback
  • Dying the third time to janky hitboxes in the room with platforms is where I would have quit.
  • I clicked on both orbs, got no feedback, they disappeared, the door is till closed???? I was holding cubes while I clicked on one of them....
  • Minor, but when you respawn you should not be facing towards the initial spawn point, but towards the area of the level you're solving, or at least the door.

I ♂ went ♂ deep ♂ into ♂ the ♂ cavern ♂ and ♂ found ♂ two ♂ balls ♂ Aniki ♂ would ♂ be ♂ proud

Anyway, you listed most of the stuff that was kinda problematic already, the only other thing I noticed is that sometimes when moving forward, the character keeps moving forward in a way that feels a little unnatural. Like it doesn't stop immediately but keeps going for a short amount of time at a fixed velocity then abruptly stops. Not sure if I explained that well.

Well, you already said it's pretty early in development, so you're probably still working  on that stuff. It's already a really pretty cavern though.


Thanks, man, the movement issue is weird, but I want to revamp it altogether since it doesn't seem to be working at all right. I'll hopefully have something more substantial for the next Demo Day.

Thanks again,