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OK, Count me in :) + one question.

A topic by RPC_GAMES created 23 days ago Views: 81 Replies: 4
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OK, count me in on this one guys. 

One question: What do you mean winners will receive a FREE copy of their game? Don't we own our game already?

Pete :)

hello Pete,

Of course, we are giving the winning game a physical release based upon what we have mentioned in the competition rules image. So if you develop for these 8-bit computers, that your game is compatible to be mastered to physical media like cassette or disk etc. To which the winner receives there own a physical copy of the game are a celebratory memento as well as other prizes.

Hope this clarifies for you. 

Hi GreyfoxRVG, thanks for your reply. So you're giving the winning game a physical release, thats great. There is a cost involved if you're doing that. Here's the next question - Will you be selling our game for a percentage? 

hi fella, 

If your game entry is successful in winning this competition, then you would most definitely get a percentage of the sales margin when it goes to press and is released.

Kind regards


Yes, anyone that gets published will be given part of any profits.