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7DRL for 2019! Simple roguelike about banishing creatures to progress.
Submitted by kflasch — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline

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  • Well done! I really liked this entry and thought it was a pretty creative idea! The use of rot.js was a great pick to get the concept across within the constraints / timeline. From the looks of it, you made some smart choices in your design.

    I liked the banishment / cooldown concept, as well as the potion ideas. One immidiate suggestion would be to look into your input handling. The browser window scrollbar was being moved as I moved up / down and the screen was shifting left / right as I did. It's a well known issue for HTML5 games, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take much to hunt down (if desired of course).

    Apart from that, I encourage you to add / tweak this entry! Well done, and thanks a lot for participating in the 7DRL. Hope you had a great time!

  • In Banisher your main power is to banish demons, but with the interesting twist that your powerful banishing power increases in cooldown with every use. You thus have to be picky about just when to use it, and although enemies are easy to vanquish you end up running away and being stealthy to conserve power. It's very pretty, with clear ASCII in a nice colour palette and a simple but well made UI. Unfortunately it's very much on the easy side, with banishes quick to cool down, no hunger clock to make one case about the cooldown, and a glut of items that let you ignore the mechanic anyway.

  • Cool game!

    A bit too easy, there doesn't seem to be any need for the potions, because the banish ability is basically free (it has a cooldown, but it's easy to wait that out).

    The terrain is absolutely gorgeous! It really stood out. The layouts are something between caverns and dungeons. The theme of the game was really good too, I like the idea of banishment being the man form of combat. Lots of potential here!

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