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A modified version of Brogue 1.7.4 intended to make Brogue sessions shorter.
Submitted by Kiazi — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline

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  • To be honest, I thought I was going to be bored with this because "why not just play Brogue?!"

    The quicker dive, ridiculous items, and the ability to immediately see late-game content was quite interesting. I wouldn't say the game was super innovative, but it's a glimpse at a cool twist on Brogue.

    Fun game.

  • Overall I thought this was pretty fun but I felt like it suffered from a lack of balance. Perhaps I am just not good enough at the original game but I felt like I was at the extreme mercy of the RNG. I did have a blast firing off super powered staves and stuff but it also felt like I was one level without a pit away from just getting obliterated. I was unable to win in about an hour of playing and almost all of my games ended due to having to take RNG down stairs and getting two shot.

    On further reflection, I think trying to compress a very well balanced game like Brogue is probably a pretty difficult task. I feel like the balance fell short of hitting the mark but still made for fun, but often frustrating, experience.

    My biggest point of struggle was actually the game interface itself. I prefer to play brogue in its graphical build but you only shipped a term binary. The interface overall feels less responsive and less capable (I couldn't get inspection to work, for example) and suffered what seemed like a lot of bizarre color artifacts. I tried trouble shooting this with multiple terms, color schemes, and other settings but could not overcome it. To your credit, I did start up official brogue in term mode and it had the same issues as well. A graphical build would have helped me a lot.

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I wish there was a windows build so I could play this. :/


Someone on Reddit made a Windows version: have fun!

this version gives me an SDL.dll error.