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A tactical hex roguelike where you can't attack.
Submitted by bigalphillips with 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline

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  • Having enemies attack each other rather than attacking them yourself has always been quite a fun concept to me, so this roguelike appealed to me quite a bit. The movement is simple, the goal is clear (don't die, pick up gold) - however.

    I have two issues with this game - unless you know for sure that the @ is the player character, there's no real distinct sign that that's the player character unless you die. In which case it's pretty clear as the @ is red.

    The other is that the second enemy you face, that moves two steps - the arrow to me is very unclear that the enemy will be moving two steps - I thought the arrow meant it would be curving round in an arc rather than moving two steps. Perhaps a key at the beginning of the game to say what movement arrows mean in terms of movement?

    I definitely look forward to seeing an improved version of this if you plan on working on this more.

  • The game is more of a pure tactical puzzle than a roguelike. You are extremely limited in what you can do. It could be moderately fun if generated levels had some checks for instant loss. Quite often you start in a position with no valid moves. This is very underwhelming. On the later levels the game turns into a chaos. It is very difficult to comprehend all moves of enemies. There are only 3 enemies, one collectible item - gold, and very very basic levels. I would expect a little more from an average 7drl.

  • This is the most 3/5 game I have played yet, in that I gave you a 3/5 in every category.


    It works, but there are a few minor bugs that kept me from bumping you up to a 4.

    • Sometimes you start a level in an unwinnable state
    • Sometimes enemies immediately kill each other
    • The game over screen sometimes says "you got 1 gold on level 0" even when that is not true at all
    • I wasn't able to screenshot my most successful run because 'press any key to restart' dismisses it


    Basically fine, but not a cut above. There didn't seem to be a reason for the enemies to be letters.


    This is a good set of mechanics, and I could definitely see this running on a phone with 6-direction swipe controls. It needs more enemy and environment variety in my opinion.

    I didn't bump you to a 4/5 here because once the map gets bigger, the game doesn't really change. It's just, see how long you can go without making a mistake or spawning in an unwinnable spot.


    "A neat twist on the usual mechanics" is the scoring rubric's explanation of an 3/5 in this category, which I think fits. Anything with a hex grid merits at least a 3/5.


    "What you expect from a 7DRL," i.e. 3/5. Three enemy types, no items, simple levels.


    Not a roguelike, but not NOT a rogueLITE. So, 3/5. Roguelike elements, but more of a puzzle game.

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Good start! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)