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The NumerologistView game page

A puzzle roguelike where upcoming dice are visible
Submitted by RecurseGames (@recursegames) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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  • I had a good first impression of this game, but the Halls of Wisdom ruined the experience for me. Fighters seem to spawn faster than I can kill them to get out of a corner, and it feels unfair in a way that a roguelike really shouldn't. Death should be a teaching moment. In this game, it feels out of my control, even though I can see the dice!

    Completeness: 4 (highest rating), but I almost gave you a 3 because Escape is a magic game-deleting key that I hit by reflex sometimes. I lost 2 games this way.

    Aesthetics: 4; looks great!

    Fun: 3. Again, promising, but between the enemies that never die and the infinitely spawning fighters that take 2 turns to kill, I think the balance prevents this game from living up to its potential.

    Innovation: 3. Innovates with the dice thing, otherwise pretty standard.

    Scope: 3, what you expect from a 7DRL

    Roguelikeness: 3. It seems like the levels are not randomly generated, which IMO is a core requirement for a true roguelike. So you get rogue-lite.

    You definitely succeeded at 7DRL! The balance is just not to my taste.

  • This could be nice little tactical game if author wouldn't add unkillable enemies to the mix. Well, they can be killed, but they are resurrected in 6 turns. And you can't break line of sight to loose them. There is no line of sight. In theory it's not so bad. But in practice, in a game where have to do some sort of pillar dance to skip unfavorable dices, presence of an unkillable enemy is fatal IMO. I don't know if it's a bug of features, but killing two such enemies in one tile brings back only one. But this doesn't help much. And later on in the game there are hordes of such enemies. Inventory management definitely could be better. Character is strangely centered on the screen. It is in the center of the screen, but 1/4 of the right part of the screen is info panel, making the character very close to the right part of visible area, thus limiting ability to see approaching enemies from the right. I'm not entirely sure if levels are procedurally generated. I definitely seen the very same level several times. Entirely predictable combat makes this game closer to puzzles than roguelikes.

  • Knowing the upcoming "random" values changes a traditional roguelike dungeon crawl into a deterministic puzzle that is an interesting change of pace. The game plays well, with some variety in enemies and items.

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Nice game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for playing! ^_^