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Hex other members of the wizards' community to become their ruler! Start with the green ones!
Submitted by Iziminza with 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline

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  • Completeness

    There are a lot of half-baked ideas here.

    • The way to start fights is by teleporting your opponent, which isn't explained in the manual
    • The manual says you need cats to fight, but there are no capturable cats on the map
    • You actually can start fights without having cats
    • Because of that, charming animals is useless
    • Magic Missile is just an immediate game-losing move

    So I have to give you a 2/5 for all the confusing stuff that seems like it should do something but doesn't. This might be counterintuitive, but I would have scored you higher if you had cut unfinished features from the game.


    The help screens are annoying to navigate, but contain a lot of really important information. The keys are somewhat easy to use but don't make a ton of sense. However, the main board game thing is pretty easy to use, and the aesthetic of the game is nice. 3/5


    The core gameplay here is an enhanced version of Trouble, with a roguelike-ish overworld. There isn't much strategy to it. I played through a couple of games to try things out and it didn't really hold my attention. 2/5


    I do like seeing unusual ideas in roguelike trappings, so 3/5 here. This would definitely have worked better if the overworld had stuff going on.


    You clearly had a lot of ambitious ideas, and only got through a fraction of them. The world does feel alive, and the board game is definitely complete enough, so I've scored you 3/5 for scope.


    This is a board game, not a roguelike, but it does have an overworld that could turn into a real roguelike. 3/5.

  • Defeat the elder mage to win. I beat it.

    Completeness 3
    Instructions include "s in nonsensical spots.
    "You kill you".
    Going fullscreen or expanding the window glitches the graphics.
    The instructions mention unimplemented card effects.

    Aesthetics 3
    ASCII is fine.
    Hard to tell how many periods "........." is, and that information is necessary to play properly.
    Move with hjklyuNM rather than standard hjklyuBN.
    Multi-keypress commands, especially annoying when teleporting (Shift+z+t+move+Enter+move+Enter).
    In the board game it is possible for your home tiles to be the same color as the extraneous home tiles.

    Fun 3
    Figuring out how to get past all the instadeath gotchas and glitches when starting out is fun.
    Board game segment is more time consuming than interesting.

    Innovation 3
    Duels are fought by playing a board game similar to Sorry.

    Scope 3
    Several spells.
    Board game with several special effects.

    Roguelikeness 3
    Turn/grid based
    RPG spells
    Animals/people are referred to by their scientific name
    The majority of time is spent on the board game segment

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I couldn't figure out how to duel... I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)