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A jam submission

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Asymmetric lan multiplayer game. Required players: 3-4
Submitted by Hot Dogs Studio — 3 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Farm and Seek's page

Team Name
HotDogs Studio

Gameplay Instructions
"Farm and seek" - asymmetric LAN multiplayer game.

Required players: 3-4
How to play:
1. Install on >= 3 PC
2. Connect to SAME network!!!
3. Open and Host game on one PC
4. Join game from other
5. Enjoy!



Some animals on your farm are especially voracious (players). They will try to eat all the carrots in the feeders (corners).
Your task is try to find and neutralize them until they have emptied 3 feeders.



WASD - movement
Mouse 1 - shoot


1. To find players, look carefully at animals movements.
2. The ammo is limited! Be careful not to shoot a friendly pet!!!!!
3. Players will give each other signals, listen carefully!
4. In order to eat carrots from the feeder, all players must be in it! Watch at the feeders in corners!



You are too hungry to wait for a dinner! Your task is to find hungry allies (players!) and eat all the carrots in the corner feeders!
Be careful, because the farmer will try to stop you!



W - movement mouse oriented
Space - special animal action
E - Make a sound

1. You should REPEAT movements after the animals of YOUR type to the rhythm of the music (Space Button). Try not to be suspicious!
2. To find members (other players), give signals (Button E) but be careful the farmer HEARS everything.
3. To eat all the carrots in a feeder you should be in the same corner(feeder) with your allies!
4. Winning: empty 3 of 4 feeders or wait until the farmer spends all the ammo))))))))


What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Smooth Sync added to the project but not used!

Link to Gameplay Footage

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