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A jam submission

Indecisive battle of good and evil where all's fair in love and warView game page

a multiplayer game to solve any indecisiveness, just pick your side and score high
Submitted by JokeSlinger — 3 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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Indecisive battle of good and evil where all's fair in love and war's page

Team Name
MoonClock Studio

Gameplay Instructions
Have a quarrel with you friend or your foe? Maybe it's your turn to do the dishes, but you want to prove your gf/bf that this is not a done deal yet? Or maybe you want to solve a dispute between your family and your neighbors that started long before the Industrial revolution?

Well we have a game for you!​

Indecisive battle is a battle between good and evil, love and war, wrongs and rights, the diet and cookies, the miles and kilometers, the poor and rich, the people who love DC movies and the people who hate them more than anything in the world.

Choose your side and become the Imp or Angel in this glorious battle that will prove once and for all who is right and who is wrong. Remember - love or war, the rules are the same!

Once you've chosen your side start the battle by converting Hell to Heaven (or vice versa)

Summon your factions warriors to hold your opponent. Get higher score by converting objects and you'll get the control over both cameras and your opponent will lose the initiative.
Score the most at the end of game to prove that you were right once and for all!​




WASD - movement

Left Shift - to launch the Bonus

Space - to Convert the structure


On keyboard:

Up,Down,Right,Left - movement

Right Ctrl - launch the Bonus

Right Shift - to convert the Structure

On Gamepad:

Left Joystick - movement

Face button Bottom - launch the Bonus

Face button right - to convert the Structure

Everything was designed and created during GameJam


Created by MoonClock Studio

Denis Kupets -3D design, Animation, Game Design, Audio
Serhiy Shyryayev - Game Programming, Game Design, VFX

​Note: this game requires a good Graphics card due to dynamic lighting

​As we have submitted a game to jam in last minutes, we did not discover a defect related to camera offset when player looses control over it. This defect required minor fix and we applied it minutes after deadline.
​If you want to experience a game in a better way, please use this build:​

[Update 3/3/2019]:
We got so excited about this small game, that we have beautified the game and fixed some issues in version 1.1 that is available in folder linked above.
This build is going to be uploaded to the game page only after the results of #ue4jam are announced, as we don't want to violate jam rules.

Link to Gameplay Footage

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
None - Everything was created during game jam

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