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A jam submission

The Mad CrapperView game page

Don't get caught stealth pooing on things in your office!
Submitted by Supreme187
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The Mad Crapper's page

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Gameplay Instructions
Thumbpad teleport.
Crouch and squeeze grips to drop poops.
Areas with poop icons will award more points!
Only let your target see your poo!
Trigger to pick up poo and throw!
Hold trigger on areas with "!" icons to cause a distraction!
*Don't get caught with your pants down, holding poo, or causing distractions*

Link to Gameplay Footage

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List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Everything was made before except for the modular walls/floors of the office, the character, briefcase, microwave, catering dishes, lunchbag, and the poop model.

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