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A jam submission

O.D.C.A.T.View game page

Recover hazardous space debris by commanding a squad of specialized drones.
Submitted by Nocturnal Arts (@nocturnaIarts) — 11 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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O.D.C.A.T.'s page

Team Name
Nocturnal Arts

Gameplay Instructions
After several centuries of unsupervised launches, Earth's orbit has become cluttered with dangerous rogue space debris! In charge of this cleanup task is O.D.CA.T. or Orbital Debris Collection And Transport.

Objective —

Use the specialist drones available to return debris to the C.A.T. for safe disposal. Each sector has various challenges that require you to precisely position and control your fleet to prevent debris heading down to earth!

Platform & Controls —

​Windows, VR Only. HMD, motion controller and room scale. (recommended).
Tested: Samsung Odyssey+
Supported: Oculus, Vive, WMR via SteamVR
Unknown: Index (Keys not bound but may function).

Trigger - Move
Grip (Press) - Toggle Activate
Grip (Hold) - Aim

​​(WMR only)​

​Trackpad Up - Restart
Trackpad Down - Menu
Trackpad Left - Previous Level
Trackpad Right - Next Level

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Orbitron —
Alarm SFX — Own Collection
Honey, Phantom, Pose — Background Music, Nctrnm, Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0

All other assets and game play created during the jam period.

Link to Gameplay Footage

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Game looks really nice - well done for getting it in 12 mins before deadline!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! I had so many issues with this one, it's a small miracle it made it. :)