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A jam submission

SKYWARDView game page

UE4 2018 Spring Game Jam Submission; Transformation.
Submitted by TylerCowan — 5 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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SKYWARD's page

Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
WASD to move player.
MOUSE to look around.
Q and E to spin the player.
LEFT CLICK to transform into cube mode.
RIGHT CLICK to transform into spike mode.
LEFT + RIGHT CLICK to transform into thrust mode.
ESC or TAB to pause.

Gamepad controls were added but not tested!

Link to Gameplay Footage

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Sound effects from Soundly.
A couple Starter Content textures.
A sprite-sheet for fire effects.

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Great job! Congrats on winning!


Good job on your game submission. I'm in love with the simplicity of your game mechanics and the stylized art. Also, props on the sounds integration.

I tried to play it on a gamepad and it worked well for something you guys didn't test. But, I would have put the spinning on multiple buttons. For some weird reasons I had a hard time pressing lb and lt (left shoulder and left trigger) at the same time XD.

I never made a physic base game in the past and I wonder. Was the hardest part coding the physic of gameplay or adjusting it so that the game can be fun?


Hey, thanks for checking it out! Apologies for the late reply, I thought I responded earlier, oops.  

I'm glad the gamepad worked decently, I believe the LB and RB were also bound to the Joystick buttons, which is still awkward to press but it may have been a bit easier than combining LB+LT or RB+RT, haha.  

The physics is luckily mostly handled by UE4. We had to deal with some minor vector math to make sure the torque direction was correct, and allowing the ball to roll along wood was definitely a challenge, but the hardest part was making sure it was done in an enjoyable way. We went through a few different versions of characters before settling with the sphere-cube-spikes-thrust combination. 

The original character was actually several spheres all constrained to one another with a main mesh overlapping them all to create the effect of a gooey sort of mass. It was definitely a very fun jam :D