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Game: mix randomly mutated reptiles to create a race that can survive in a random world.
Submitted by Atlar — 1 hour, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Gameplay Instructions
Help reptiles survive by mixing their random mutations.

Right Mouse Button - switch circles on. Hover outer circle above creatures to make them go toward inner circle.
Left Mouse button - breed(Dublicate) ceatures inside inner circle. This action creates new creature for every creature inside the inner circle. New creatures will have mix of parameters picked from every creature inside inner circle.

At the start of the game you have 3 reptiles. You need to make sure they will find food (green plants) and avoid burning in lava or drowning in the deep waters.

All creatures move randomly on the map.

You can control them indirectly via the big circle around your mouse coursor. Creatures that are inside big circle will head toward its center.
Click(RMB) or "B" to activate circle.

Creatures will mutate slightly over time. Some mutations usefull and some not.

You can breed creatures by clicking "LMB" and floating small circle above them. LMB will dublicate every creature inside the circle.

The trick is that all mutations will mix for the dublicated creatures.
Player has to operate with two circles simultaneously. Player luring creatures into the inner circle and breeding them there.

The ultimate goal is to destroy 5 crystal pillars located on the map. To do it you will need to breed reptiles with resistance to fire and a lot of HP.


Big head - eats more and can live without food longer.
Big body - has more HP.
Big legs - moves faster.
Red plates - some fire resistance.

Blue plates on the back - provide some frost resistance.


Eat plant - chance of body or head mutations.
Damage from fire - chance of fire resistance mutation.

Damage from frost - chance of frost resistance mutation.

Speed mutations happen randomly.

Link to Gameplay Footage

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
All content was created during this GameJam.

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