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Snakes in the SandView game page

Go back in time to thwart an ancient evil hidden in the Egyptian pyramids.
Submitted by Aumbra
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Snakes in the Sand's page

Team Name
2Bit Studios

Gameplay Instructions
Controls (now shown ingame in fixed version down below) -

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

Left Click - Change dimensions (toggle between real and shadow)

Right Click - Secondary item

Link to Gameplay Footage

What platform is your game built for?


List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Egyptian brick, Sand dune, Hieroglyph, Sand smart materials based on materials from Substance Share
Sounds from soundly
Music made in FL using Roli seaboard and stock plugins
Images for intro movie from Wiki media commons
Animations from starter content and Mixamo

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Developer (1 edit)


Download Fixed Version Here

Changes in fixed version:

  • Fixed 'Play' button that broke during build.
  • Fixed pedestal material that disappeared during build.
  • Fixed AI blueprint that broke during build.
  • Fixed screen effect for different resolutions.
  • Fixed ending sequence UI not showing properly.
  • Added instruction in-game.
  • Scaled up wall light mesh.
  • Fixed spear trail effect not showing.
  • Packaged as shipping build instead of debug.