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Games like Draw Sprite Pos Fixed for GameMaker: Studio

Create one sprite, have unlimited possibilities!
Livecoding for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2
Creating textured terrains for physics games.
Fully customizable realistic dynamic water physics simulation.
Creating ropes, chains, bridges and other elastic attachable objects.
Better and safer JSON functions.
Geon FX
Simply stunning Particle Editor for GameMaker Studio 1-2 with a PNG and GIF Export
Dynamically change window icons / taskbar badges!
Descriptive error messages and better error handling for GameMaker data structure functions
Easily create dynamic textured destructible terrain!
Fully commented and working shooter engine with clever shooter and stealth based AIs
Error handling for GameMaker games
Package GameMaker rooms and load them as you please
Dynamic scripting on Win/Mac/Linux.
Show progress bar in taskbar in GameMaker games
Creating custom save file with strong encryption for protecting from hack.
Voxel editor suited for 2D artist with animations and retro rendering.
Advanced and powerful Tween based animation system for GameMaker Studio