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Games like The Shadow of The Wu

A folklore monstrosity for Mörk Borg
A fantasy travel guide for fans of tabletop games, roleplay, and adventure!
A demon and his wild hunt - folklore creatures for Mörk Borg.
Monster created for the Tabletop RPG Mörk Borg
A stupid encounter for a Brilliant jam
Heroes for the Hopeless in Mörk Borg
business card viewfinder for sourcing magic
An alternative rule for combat in MÖRK BORG
There is no victory. Only misery.
Misery turned into a marching army
A terrible parody of Paladins for Mörk Borg
6 magical weapons for use in Mörk Borg
A cataclysmic event for MÖRK BORG.
Eagle Warrior Class for the Mörk Borg TTRPG
how much information can we extract from a single roll
Mbói Tu'i is a monster from guaraní mythology, ready to be slain in MÖRK BORG.
Un scénario d'exploration, de revendications sociales et de massages dans un monde dépressif au bord de l'apocalypse.
Morkborgian take on deep modern Spanish folklore.