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Games like Frame Boy

A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools
All the tools you need to design, code, and play Pixel Vision 8 games.
Innovative pixel editing!
An all-in-one solution for creating 8-bit art and fonts for games.
Free, easy to use and flexible level editor.
In a world of Monsters, Magic and Mystery, you are the Faulty Apprentice.
Visual Novel
Editor for pixel art animations
A deep colony sim in a huge living world
Dreams of Desire
Visual Novel
Voxel editor driven by a command line, with 2.5D graphics and powerful scripting
Fix 3D rendering issues with 32-bit transparent PNGs
adventure, nsfw
The road is a dangerous place, especially when overrun with wild animals in go-karts!
A cute adventure full of puzzles!
The sun and sand bake brick and clay, even in the cool shade of the oasis
Be a blacksmith