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Games like SUPERSTRUCTURE: A Short Story

An android summarizes her journey into lesbianism and cannibalism.
a documentary poem about trans imagining
A tabletop RPG of overpowered supers battling a great evil.
A collection of microfiction written for Scribemind's #FlashFicFeb
Lady Dimitrescu fanzine
Paradise Killer Art Works collects the beautiful character art, and sun drenched environments from Paradise Killer.
Concept art & assets used in We Know The Devil
A short story about two vampires and some very bad luck.
Five stories for the price of one story that's as long as these five stories!
A collection of nine connected, horror-fantasy short stories.
A Mausritter Adventure Location by @Lux
A story from the world of Mnemonic
Touhou Project fanzine
Can you read tarot? No? Perfect. Neither can I.