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Games like Micro Venture - 4x4 Topdown RPG Assets

Minimal RPG assets including: forests, buildings, monsters, animals, heroes, and much more.
A dark and mysterious pixel platformer with a fully animated player, enemies, and much more.
A minimal 5x5 pixel font with bold and blocky variations.
A clean 8x8 pixel font with monospaced and cutout variations.
More 1-Bit RPG asset pack with a minimal pallet and designs that pop.
Detailed pixel assets at a small size, includes a fully animated player, enemies, etc.
Platformer Movement for Clickteam Fusion 2.5
3x3 spritefont including basic gamepad buttons
The big, varied collection of retro, 8-bit chiptune songs & loops
Pixel art characters asset pack
Minimalistic & free tileset
An asset pack of a Mini Castle Dark
Charming Town 8x8 tileset (Indoor and Outdoor). Over 330 tiles + 100 props and furniture sprites
100+ 8-bit and 16-bit sound effects and music. Commercial use licence.
100 unique handpixelled quality icon designs for your game systems
Brutal characters for your indie game!
Pack of Assets and Aniamtions for your 8x8 RPG needs !
A huge 2D pixelart dark fantasy cyberpunk assetpack with animations, environmental and characters!