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Games like Lost in the Deep

An SRD for creating journaling games.
A game about dragons and subterranean adventuring
Rules Light Grim Dark Fantasy RPG
A Supernatural-Cyberpunk Revolution
A single-player map-making game from the world of Mnemonic
The core rulebook and setting guide for Lancer, a game centered on pilots and their mechs.
A rules-light pen & paper RPG 
about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.
Solo journaling game and GM supplement.
Survive alone in the black
Lo-fi sci-fi micro RPG collection
A serial journal roleplaying game of futility and invention
Build action packed, illuminated RPGs
A playable dungeon-generator and map-making game.
The solo rpg of royal genealogy
A game of legendary items & transient heroes.
God's in His Heaven, and All's Right with the World, but Nothing Lasts Forever.
You are the last librarian. What can you save before the fire?