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Games like Bluebeard's Castle - The Wretched Fairytale

An SRD for creating journaling games.
Survive alone in the black
A Wretched & Alone game about primeval survival
Echoes is a dice, tower and playing card journaling game designed to build a story around prompts for free writing.
A solo journaling rpg of magic and despair
PDF and HARDBACK available. A beautiful, sad, solo RPG about the crush of time and vampires.
A game of legendary items & transient heroes.
A solo roleplaying game about exploring fantastic planets.
Rules Light Grim Dark Fantasy RPG
Become A Magical Girl. Fight for your life.
You are hunted. You are desired.
A Cold War espionage solo rpg
A solo RPG of tenacity and survival.
You are the last librarian. What can you save before the fire?
A solo story writing game
A Sweet Community Building Game
A game about vampires, self discovery and insanity
Rules light space fantasy
A Classic Fantasy Hack for Tunnel Goons.