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Games like Isekai Demonica

Have a brand new adventure in BANREL where you can get lots of new pokemons
Role Playing
Rin's Vocaloid Adventure
Role Playing
Travel the cosmos as a lost star!
Roleplay or fill the entire place with perfectly generic cubes. Why not?
Role Playing
Survive and prove to be better than any other User!
You have come to Earth to devour it's rich resources. Consume land to gain energy and leave no land untouched!
A Pixel-Art Horror Adventure
The demo of our upcoming remake of Adventure Field™ 2 uploaded for AmalgamAsh's SGBNY 2021 Game Jam!​
Role Playing
Our Hero! First is an Hack'n'Slash game with RPG mechanics starred by cute and colorful characters!
A "32-bit style" JRPG that making use of pre-rendered graphics
Role Playing
Returning home due to learning your house was raided by monsters, you expected something else...
Uncover a watercolour fantasy adventure.
Role Playing
A Magical Quest Where Time Is On Your Side