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Games like Haiduc

Explore the city. Find the artifacts. Try not to die.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A Space Combat Playset for the AGON rpg
Earth's Hidden Defenders
Fantasy bullet battle to save monstergirls
Xoo: Xeno Xafari is a new style of collecting RPG. Wander a beautiful, deserted island and search for alien creatures!
Post-apocalyptic RPG in the Egyptian empire.
Role Playing
A paladin that takes their time.
Role Playing
A game of hard decisions and their consequences.
Role Playing
A short storygame about an average person's day in a city full of superheroes.
Interactive Fiction
There are a lot of bisexuals. (ENnie Nominated for Best Writing in 2020!)
Survival solo Card game
Or: How to run a vaporwave campaign in Troika!
Transform into mahou, stop giant lizards, and kick space witches in the head!
Role Playing
A game of identity and memory for two
Play a cursed family with skeletons in their closets and dark magic in their veins. Blood will out!
A letter writing game about embracing death and celebrating life.
Role Playing
Recreating the myth of Shamhat and Enkidu, players must reconcile politics, consent, and intimacy.
Role Playing
A Tale of Ink and Blood
Paper Sorcerer is a stylish first-person RPG
Role Playing