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Error handling for GameMaker games
Package GameMaker rooms and load them as you please
Raw Input
Use multiple mice and keyboards in GameMaker games!
Dynamic scripting on Win/Mac/Linux.
Work with files in all accessible places in GameMaker games.
Add fragment shader point lights to your 3D GMS2 projects
Descriptive error messages and better error handling for GameMaker data structure functions
Easily create dynamic textured destructible terrain!
Fully commented and working shooter engine with clever shooter and stealth based AIs
An Echo/Delay processing audio effect for GameMaker Studio 2
Create one sprite, have unlimited possibilities!
Extension to connect GameMaker Games (even HTML5!) to Twitch chat
Prevents GameMaker games from freezing while being dragged/resized.
Auto-organize audio files in compiled GMS games into directories
Better and safer JSON functions.
Fixing the draw_sprite_pos function with a shader and one script.
Write and run GML right in browser!
Run in browser
5000+ sound effects (& free updates) for only $39.95
Fully customizable realistic dynamic water physics simulation.