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Games like Maddie

Procedural Generation Pixelart Editor
Urho3D World Creator
A fragmented text editor.
A dependency-free pluggable 3D engine, editor and SDK (C++ / CMake / OpenGL / GLSL / SDL2 / Lua)
Raspberry Pi Linux Distribution For Authors
One of a kind game engine for a new generation of developers.
Easy to use source code documentation tool for PureBasic.
NIL Isn't Lua - Extension ot the Lua programming language
A MIDI-to-IMF music convertor.
Interactive adult game (mix of a dating sim and visual novel).
Visual Novel
After the sudden death of your father you come to live again with your sisters and mother, will romance blossom?
Visual Novel
One home, two ladies to love.
Visual Novel
Free and open source screenwriting app for macOS
Competitive Tile-Matching for Hardcore Players
Inmersive walking simulator with beautiful worlds and interesting stories
Simple Tree Dialogue Editor
Platforming with a grappling hook.
Editor for pixel art animations
Adult game about taking control of your dreams