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Games like The Mice-Men of Mirewald

Un jeu solo de voyage et d’aventure en deux pages, à jouer comme un feuilleton
A micro-TTRPG about a clowder of magical house cats tasked with keeping a magical library safe and helping its patrons.
A small expansion for the solo role-playing game Into the Woods...
A collaborative RPG of Emotions & Roots, on being Queer and in the Closet
God's in His Heaven, and All's Right with the World, but Nothing Lasts Forever.
People with broken, dangerous, tragic pasts looking for ends to their stories.
What will you find in an abandoned city?
a game of childhood, magic, and friendship
Tables and other resources for supporting solo and co-op play using Blades in The Dark.
Map making game played using the postal service
Queer intimate horror in a haunted Gothic city. A game of Belonging Outside Belonging.
One-shot ttrpg about journeying into a magical place and killing it, played with cards and regret.
A 3 page game of belonging outside belonging, dead magic and a tower
A one-page RPG for 1-4 players +GM about dying and waking up in a fantasy world (possibly as a refrigerator).
Jeu de rôle narratif pour deux/Narrative RPG for two players
Power struggles in the Illuminati, at the end of the world
Finish your Business, Ghost.
Spellcasters engage in games of magical bargaining in order to cast spells that aid their kingdom.
An orphic game about rescuing your love from the land of the dead
A moment of peace in a time of conflict, spent with someone you care about.